4th     Kick Off Race - Aurora
4th     FRBR - Veneta
11th    Canchaser - Prineville
11th    Stage Stop - The Dalles
12th    Strobel's - Scappoose
19th   Blazin Barrels - Tillamook
19th   COBRA - Prineville
25th   RRR - Powell Butte
25th   Stage Stop - The Dalles
25th   OHC - Eugene
26th   Strobel's - Scappoose
30th  MPH Events - Aurora

2nd    Fall Frenzy - Aurora
8th     Turn and Burn - Prineville
9th     RRR - Powell Butte
9th     FRBR - Veneta
13th   MPH Events - Aurora
16th    Fall Frenzy - Aurora
23rd   Blazin Barrels - Tillamook
28th   BSCC - Veneta
29th   BSCC - Veneta
30th   BSCC - Veneta

For a complete list of race dates see our Schedule page





Oregon Barrel Racing Association


Photograph courtesy of Raven Runnels, Racin' Rodeo Photography.  

Another year is in the books and Finals were a huge success.  Lots of great runs and as always fantastic awards!  

Thank You to last year's Officers and Awards Committee Kamala Malcolm, Christy Kruse, Lexi van der Velde, Tracee Sallee, Lee Ann Olheiser, Brandy Schanno and Hannah Olheiser.  

WELCOME to our incoming 2014 - 2015 Officers:

President:                             Lee Ann Olheiser
Vice President:                     TJ Miles
Secretary/Treasurer:         Lexi van der Velde
Novice Chairman:                Tracee Sallee
Webmaster: Shawna Leslie
Awards Committee: Brandy Schanno & Hannah Olheiser

                                    2014-2015 Rule Proposals


                            2013-2014  SPECIAL AWARD WINNERS:

Horse of the Year:               Skedaddle Biankus & Kandi Hansen
Producer of the Year: Brandy Schanno
Director of the Year: Tracee Sallee
Sportsmanship: TJ Miles
Best Dressed:                       Cathy McCallister

                          2013-2014 YEAR END WINNERS

                                Open:                          Denise Collar - "Chunky"
                                2500 Novice:            Jenny Romanick - "Reno"
                                1000 Novice:            Tanya Ledbetter - "Daisy"
                                4D:                              Denise Collar
                                Rookie:                       Stacey Hardin

REMINDER: Race Producers make sure that you are sending your race results to the following people: 
                    Vice President - TJ Miles
                    Novice Chairman - Tracee Sallee 
                    Secretary - Lexi van der Velde 
                    Webmaster - Shawna Leslie


                    Results              Standings  


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