2013~2014 OBRA SCHEDULE

2 0 1 3


4th    TNT  - Eugene
Stage Stop - The Dalles
Can Chaser - Prineville
20th   COBRA - 4D - Prineville     
26th -27th
Strobels  - 5D
RRR - Powell Butte      


1st     TNT - Eugene
9th     Turn-n-Burn - Prineville 
16th    COBRA - 4D - Prineville
16th    TNT - Eugene - CANCELLED
21st    Para Hevea - Molalla
29th-30th   Strobels

1st      Strobels
Para Hevea - CANCELLED
6th     TNT - Eugene - CANCELLED
RRR - Powell Butte - CANCELLED
Lonestar - Aurora

14th    Turn-n-Burn - Prineville
19th    Para Hevea - Molalla
21st     COBRA - 4D - Prineville
21st     TNT - Eugene


                                                               2 0 1 4 

2nd    Para Hevea - Molalla
11th    RRR - Powell Butte
11th    CCGA - Canby 

12th    Fern Hollow Farms - Veneta
16th    Para Hevea - Molalla
17th   3 Turns Barrel Racing - Monroe
18th   3 Turns Barrel Racing - Monroe
18th    Turn-n-Burn - Prineville
COBRA - 4D - Prineville
26th    BSCC - Veneta

6th     Para Hevea  - Molalla - CANCELLED
8th     Fern Hollow Farms - Veneta - CANCELLED
8th     CCGA - Canby - CANCELLED
14th    3 Turns Barrel Racing - Monroe
15th   Fern Hollow Farms  - Veneta
15th    Turn-n-Burn - Prineville
RRR - Powell Butte
20th   Para Hevea - Molalla
22nd   COBRA - 4D - Prineville
22nd   3 Turns Barrel Racing - Monroe
23rd    BSCC - Veneta

6th     Para Hevea - Molalla
Turn-n-Burn - Prineville
9th     CCGA - Canby         
14th   3 Turns Barrel Racing - Monroe 
COBRA - 4D - Prineville
15th   BSCC - Veneta
16th   RRR - Powell Butte
20th   Para Hevea - Molalla
22nd   3 Turns Barrel Racing - Monroe
29th   COBRA - 4D - Prineville
29th   Fern Hollow Farms - Veneta
29th   Arlington Saddle Club - Arlington

3rd   Para Hevea - Molalla
Madras Saddle & Gaming -Madras

11th   3 Turns Barrel Racing - Monroe
12th   Juniper - Madras
13th   CCGA - Canby
17th   Para Hevea - Molalla
19th   TNB -Prineville
19th   Fern Hollow Farms - Veneta
26th   3 Turns Barrel Racing - Monroe
27th   Stage Stop - The Dalles
27th   RRR  -  Powell Butte

2nd    3 Turns Barrel Racing - Monroe
2nd    Besthorsegear.com Warm up - Prineville

 - Prineville
8th      Stage Stop -  The Dalles
11th    Fern Hollow Farms Veneta
11th    Madras Saddle & Gaming - Madras
11th    Strobel's Arena - Scappoose
17th    3 Turns Barrel Racing - Monroe
18th    Stage Stop - The Dalles
22nd   Stage Stop - The Dalles
24th   Canchaser - Prineville
30th & 31st Eastside Fundraiser - The Dalles

1st       Madras Saddle & Gaming - Madras
TNB - Prineville
5th      Stage Stop - The Dalles
7th      Strobel's Arena - Scappoose
8th      Para Hevea - Molalla
10th    Canchaser - Prineville
14th    Westside Fundraiser - Aurora
TNB - Prineville
19th     Stage Stop - The Dalles
22nd    Stage Stop - The Dalles


10th    Stage Stop - The Dalles
 BSCC - Roseburg
13th    BSCC - Roseburg
15th    TNB - Prineville
22nd   Canchaser - Prineville
24th    Stage Stop - The Dalles
27th    Stage Stop - The Dalles

2nd       Strobel's Arena - Scappoose
3rd        Strobel's Arena - Scappoose
Madras Saddle & Gaming Madras
7th        Stage Stop - The Dalles
10th     Stage Stop - The Dalles
12th      TNB - Prineville
16th      Canchaser Prineville 
21st       Stage Stop - The Dalles
24th       Strobel's Arena - Scappoose
26th       TNB - Prineville

4th       Stage Stop - The Dalles 
7th      Madras Saddle & Gaming - Madras

13th     TNB
 - Prineville
14th     Stage Stop - The Dalles
Canchaser - Prineville
26th & 27th OBRA FINALS - Powell Butte






11th    Canchaser - Prineville


                            2013~2014 OBRA SCHEDULE

Madras  Saddle & Gaming Club Single Headers

Location: Jefferson Co. Fairgrounds, Madras, OR Indoor Arena

Dates:   May 11th, June 1st, Aug. 3rd,  Sept. 7th

Summer races in outdoor arena

Time: 9:00 am

Time Onlies Following the race - MSGC Playday 
11:00 am following time onlies

Classes: Open $41, 2500 novice $31, 1000 Novice $26 5D $33 Time onlies following race $3 

Office charge: Included in EF

Entries: email week prior: msgc10@hotmail.com  or enter day of race

For more info contact:  Tina Dickson  541-377-0343

3 Turns  Barrel Racing Winter Races Double Headers

Ramos Ranch

Dates: All Friday Nights!   May 2nd 

Time:  7:30 pm 2nd race to immediately follow.  Time onlies before race and in between races

26326 Hwy 99W., Monroe, OR 

Classes for all races:  Open $30,  2500 Novice $25,  1000 Novice $20,  500 Novice $20,  4D $30,   Time Onlies  $5

Fees:  Office fee included in EF,  $7 arena fee per person

Co-Sanction:  BRN4D  $2,  NW5D

Pre entries:  Wed. prior 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Call Tonia Porter  541-505-4164  or email:  tporter15@hotmail.com 

Entries close:  Day of race

For more infor:  Contact Tonia Porter  541-505-4164  or  email:  tporter15@hotmail.com

Turn N Burn  Spring & Summer Races 2014

Dates: Saturdays:  Sept 13th (Outdoors)  Double Headers

Tuesdays: June 3rd, June 17th, July 15th, Aug. 12th, Aug. 26th (Outdoors) Single Headers

Location:  Crook Co. Fairgrounds, Prineville, OR

Time:  Saturday races:  11:00 am and 1 hour after 1st race ends

Time:  Tuesday races:  7:00 pm

Time onlies before races and in between double headers $5

Classes and Fees:  Open $31,  2500 Novice $21,  1000 Novice $16,  4D $31

*****$20 Sidepot 100% payback 4D format *****

Office fees: $10 included in fees

Other fees: $5 day fee per person Co Sanctioned: BRN4D $2,  NW5D

Entries open: Pre enter anytime by email: kingsburyoutfit@gmail.com  

Entries close: day of race, at the start of the race

For more info Call Rhonda Kinsgbury 541-410-9737

For stalls contact fairgrounds at 541-447-6575

Can Chaser 2014  Summer Barrel Races

Double Header Dates:  Sat. May 24th, Sat. Aug. 16th, (Outdoors), Sat. Oct. 11th (Indoors)

Single Header Dates:  Tues. June 10th, Tues. July 22nd, (Outdoors), Tues. Sept. 16th Outdoors weather permitting

***Saturday August 16th is the Les Schwab Race with average awards!***

Location:  Crook Co. Fairgrounds, Prineville, OR

Times:  Saturday races 11:00 am  2nd race to follow time onlies
                   Tuesday races: 6:30 pm

Classes:  Open $31,  2500 Novice $26,  1000 Novice $21,  500 Novice $21,  4D $31

Time Onlies:  $5  Time onlies 9:30 am on Saturdays and in between races 

Time Onlies for Tues. races:  5:00 pm

Insurance fee per rider:  $3  Other office charges included in EF

Co-Sanctioned:  BRN4D  $2

Pre Entries: 2 days prior to race 9:00 am – 6:00 pm Call Judee Hagen 541-416-9099 or email

Entries Close: Day of race

Eastside OBRA Fundraiser  

Dates:  May 30th & May 31st

Location:  Stage Stop Arena, 4678 Old Dufur Rd., South, The Dalles, Oregon  97058

Times:  Friday 6:30 pm 4D Only
           Saturday 1st race @ 10:00 am / 2nd race @ 2:00 pm

Time Onlies:  Friday 5:00-6:00 pm $5 each.   Will have open arena from 6:00-6:15 pm
   Saturday 8:00-9:30 am $5 each.  Will have open arena from 9:30-9:45 am

Classes:  Friday - 4D ONLY $35
      Saturday - Open $31,  2500 Novice $31,  1000 Novice $21,  500 Novice $21,
      4D $31  w/$500 added & Double Points to both am & pm races.

Office Fee:  $11  Included in Entry Fee

Other Fees:  $5  Per Person Day Fee

Accepted and appreciated.  Email to brando2uman@yahoo.ca   or text 541-993-1628, thank you!

Silent Auction:  We will be having a silent auction and appreciate any and all donations!  Anything and everything helps, it all goes to OBRA year end awards.

**Average Awards for Saturday** **Vendors Welcome** **Concessions on Site**

For more information:  Brandy Schanno 541- 993-1628

Westside OBRA Fundraiser   Double Header **$500 added to each 4D**

Dates:  June 14, 2014

Location:  Lonestar Arena, Aurora, Oregon

Times:  10:00 am  and 2nd race after time onlies (open arena 9-9:30)

Classes:   Open $41, 2500 Novice $26, 1000 Novice $26, 4D $31, Peewee  $10

Time Onlies: $5 each, 8:00 - 9:00 am and in between races

Peewees will go first

Office Fee:  included in EF

Co Sanctioned:  BRN4D $2 and NW5D

Pre entries:   Pre-enter by 8:00 pm on June 7th to be in the draw. Draw will be posted on website June 11th
email pre-entries to westsidefundraiser@yahoo.com  all entries after June 7th will be in the late draw.

All entries must be paid prior to start of each race.

Entries Close: 10:00  am  for 1st race and start of 2nd race

Silent auction – there will be a silent auction at this race – we will post some of the items up for auction as we  get closer
to the race.

Average awards to be determined.

Information: Kathy Miller 503-515-1385  or email westsidefundraiser@yahoo.com

Stage Stop Arena  Weeknight "Getaway"

Dates:  May 8th, May 22nd, June 5th, June 19th, July 10th, July 24th, Aug. 7th, Aug. 21st, Sept. 4th

Location:  Stage Stop Arena, The Dalles, OR

Time:  7:00 pm

Time Onlies:  $5 each  5:30-6:30 pm  -  Open Arena 6:30-6:45 pm

Classes:  Open  $31,  2500 Novice $31,  1000 Novice  $21,  500 Novice  $21,  4D $31

Office Fee:  Included in EF

Other Fees:  $5 day fee per person

Contact Info:  Brandy Schanno  541-993-1628

Stage Stop Arena "Family Funday"  Race Series

Double Header Dates:  April 27th, May 18th, June 22nd, Sept. 14th

Single Header Dates:    July 27th, Aug. 10th

Location:  Stage Stop Arena, The Dalles, OR

Time:  9:00 am and approximately 1 hour after 1st race ends - Kids Funday Playday to follow race

Time Onlies:  $5 each  7:30-8:30 am & between races if time allows

Classes:  Open  $31,  2500 Novice  $31,  1000 Novice  $21,  500 Novice  $21,  4D  $31

Office Fee:  Included in EF

Other Fee:  $5 day fee per person

Pre-Entry:  email
brando2uman@yahoo.ca or text 541-993-1628

Contact Info:  Brandy Schanno  541-993-1628

Other Info:  There will be a Kids Funday Playday Series following the races, info will be posted on Facebook & feel free
to contact Brandy Schanno for more info.

3 Turns Barrel Racing  BSCC Double Headers OBRA Co-Approval

Ramos Ranch 26326 Hwy 99 W., Monroe, OR

Dates:  April 26th, May 17th

Time:  12:00 pm

Time Only's:  10-11:15 am and between races  $5

Classes:  Open  $30,  2500 Novice  $25,  1000 Novice $20,  500 Novice $2o,  4D $30,  PeeWee $10
                      **$100 added to both am/pm 4D Classes April 26th**

Arena Fee:  $7

Entries Open:  Wednesday prior 541-505-4164 or 541-760-8656  7:00-9:00 pm

For more info:  Contact Tonia Porter 541-505-4164  tporter15@hotmail.com  

Fern Hollow Farms  - OBRA Co-Approval (4D is BSCC Prime)

Dates:    May 11th

Location:   Fern Hollow Arena,  24221 Sertic Road, Veneta, OR

Time:   12:00 pm

Time Onlys:   10:00- 11:15 am  $5 at the gate

Classes:   Open $35, 2500 $25, 1000 $20, 4D $35 (BSCC Prime)
                     $500 added to first 4D and $100 added to second 4D if there are a minimum of 20 entries

Arena Fee:   $5 per race  (AM/PM, not 4D, 1000, 2500, Open)

Entries Open Wednesday before race 6:00 pm  call 541-729-6610 / Or email Charlene Pew:  thepews@aol.com 

Entries Close:  15 minutes prior to race start

For more info call Charlene Pew:  541-729-6610

Directions:  From I-5 take Exit 195B  toward Florence/Oregon Coast/Junction City.
Go 9.8 miles and turn right on West 11th/OR-126.  Proceed 9.4 miles, turn left on 8th Street, go .4 miles and turn right on Sertic.  Follow
through private gate 1.1 miles.  Arena is marked on the right hand side of the private road.

RRR Winter Barrel Series  ***$500 added to 5D*** 

Dates:  April 27th

Location:  Rim Rock Rider's Event Center 17037 SW Alfalfa Rd., Powell Butte, OR  97753

Time:  2:00 pm

Time Onlies:  11:30 am - 1:30 pm

Classes:  Open $41,  2500 Novice $26,  1000 Novice $26,  500 Novice $26,  5D $41,   PeeWee $15

Office Fee:  $5

Co-Sanctioned:  BRN4D, NW5D

Entries Open:  Day of race

Entries Close:  Start of race

Contact:  Kerri Jo Talburt,   541-980-7911  

:  Rim Rock Riders Event Center is located southerly and westerly from Brasada Ranch

                                         2013~2014  CO-SANCTION 4D/5D RACES

Besthorsegear.com Warm up Race  OBRA 4D Co-Sanction
Date:  May 2, 2014
Location:  Prineville Indoor Arena
Times:  7:00 pm, Time onlies 5:00-6:00 pm
Classes:  4D  $45
Time Onlies:  $5
OBRA additional $3 per run

Contact:  Rhonda Kingsbury  541-410-9737
*Please don't park at outdoor arena as there is a PeeWee Rodeo also.  Enter with horse's registered name and AQHA #.

Besthorsegear.com Spring Challenge  $1,000 added ---OBRA Co-Sanction
May 3, 2014    Entry Form     Flyer
Location:  Prineville Indoor Arena
Times:  Slot race 1:00 pm, 4-D immediately after

Classes:  4D  $50  (See Flyer)
Time Onlies:  $5
OBRA additional $3 per run
Entries:  Must be postmarked by April 12th.  Draw will be posted by April 26th.
Contact:  Rhonda Kingsbury  541-410-9737
*Please don't park at outdoor arena as there is a PeeWee Rodeo also.  Enter with horse's registered name and AQHA #.

Para Hevea   4D Co-Sanction Single Headers
Dates   April 17th, June 8th
Location: 9936 S. Schneider Rd. Molalla OR 97038
Time: 7:00 pm start with Peewee’s
Classes: 4D barrels $25 ***$2.50 added to pot per run***
Additional Fees: $3 OBRA, $7 Office charge
Other Classes: Novice $20, Senior $20, Youth $20, Peewee’s $5 (run first)Time onlies: After race $3
Entries: 5:30-6:45pm Sharp!
Contact: Chantea Macaulay 503-956-6564 
parahevea@outlook.com www.para-hevea.com

BSCC Summer Fun   Roseburg Series 4D Co-Sanction
Dates:  July 12 & 13 
Location:  Backen Arena, Roseburg, OR
Times:  11:00 am  Saturday double header, Sunday single header
Classes:  4D  $55
Co-Sanction:  OBRA $3,  NW5D,  AW4D  $2
Arena Fee:  $5
Time Onlies:  $5 at gate from 9:00 - 10:30 a.m.
Pre Entriesbeaverstatecanchasers@gmail.com
Questions:  Vicki Jacobsen  541-998-4542

Strobel's Arena  NW5D Prime Approval; Co-Sanction BRN4D, NBHA & OBRA
Dates:     May 11, June 7, Aug. 2 & 3, Aug. 24, Sept. 27 & 28
Location:    Strobel's Arena, 54444 Kalberer Rd., Scappoose, OR  97056
Race Time:    12:00 pm on Saturday;  11:00 am on Sunday
Time Onlies:    Saturday 9:00-11:00 am; Sunday 8:00-10:00 am $5 each one time through, trot or faster, no eye.
Pre-Entries:    Pre-entries open Monday prior to race until Thursday evening @ 7:00 pm.  Email entry to rodeorose@ados.net and you 
will be  in the late draw if not entered by these times.  Please have horse name and if rolling to senior/youth.  
 If riding multiple horses,  please state what order you would like to run in.  Draw will be posted by 10:00 am Friday morning.
Signups:    Saturday 9:00-11:30 am without a late fee.  Saturday entries close @11:45 am with a $10 late fee.   Sunday 8:00-10:30 am without a late fee.  Sunday entries close @ 10:45 am with a $10 late fee.
Option:    1/2
Open:    $50 entry fee $500 added 1-80 entries; $750 added, 81-105 entries;  $1000 added 106+ entries. 
 Senior/Youth/Green Horse $25 no added money.
Pee Wee:    9 & under is $5 and will run 10 minutes before open start times.
Awards:    May 11, June 7, Aug. 2 & 3, Aug. 24, Sept. 27 & 28 Open awards fee $35 per horse, Senior/Youth, Green Horse $25 per horse.  Awards down 5 places per D in Open, 3 minimum in Senior, 2 minimum in Youth and Green Horse.  Green Horse is a 3D with 1 second splits.
Notes:    There will be a $10 office charge per person.  Co-Sanction associations will pay additional fees for points to count.
*Entries close and must be paid in full 15 minutes before start time.
*Green Horse is for a horse that has not been competed on before December 1, 2013, regardless of age of horse.
*Stalls $15 a night, bring your own shavings.   Outside pens $10 a night.  Can set up own pens (16x16) max. for free, but please make sure they can't break out of them.  Any questions feel free to call.  Rosanne 503-936-4304 / rodeorose@ados.net

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