$2500 Novice
Hannah Carlisle on
  TK Stealin Your Money

      $1000 Novice

Kandi Hansen on 
    Skedaddle Biankus
onda Turner on
    Tommy Turner

Kim Macrae on
    High Booty 

Kaesha Hilton on
    Boomen Bourbon

Tiffany Wilson on
    Truly Breezy RB

Courtney Schudel on
    Lady Assassin




2013 - 2014  STANDINGS

            Just a reminder that "ALL EARNINGS" of outside monies on Novice horses must be reported within 10 days of that race to Alex VonLubken,  541-490-5882  alexvonvon@yahoo.com

        Remember if you run at a 4D/5D co-sanction race, in order for your points and qualifying race to count you need to pay the additional $3 OBRA fee to the race secretary and run in the Open 4D/5D.  Senior, Novice and Youth classes will not count. 

        Please make sure you are keeping track of your horse's lifetime earnings so you do not run in the wrong class.  In order to receive points you MUST run your horse in the class according to the lifetime earnings.  If you run in a lower class you will not receive points and if you have winnings you must refund the money won to the race secretary and forfeit your entry fee. If you have any questions on your points please contact Alex VonLubken.
        If you move out of class it will be posted but it is your responsibility to know what class to enter.


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