Oregon Barrel Racing Association

2014 - 2015  STANDINGS

            Just a reminder that "ALL EARNINGS" of outside monies on Novice horses must be reported within 10 days of that race to TJ Miles at 541-965-0901 or obrapoints@gmail.com.

        Remember if you run at a 4D/5D co-sanction race, in order for your points and qualifying race to count you need to pay the additional $3 OBRA fee to the race secretary and run in the Open 4D/5D.  Senior, Novice and Youth classes will not count. 

        Please make sure you are keeping track of your horse's lifetime earnings so you do not run in the wrong class.  In order to receive points you MUST run your horse in the class according to the lifetime earnings.  If you run in a lower class you will not receive points and if you have winnings you must refund the money won to the race secretary and forfeit your entry fee. If you have any questions on your points please contact TJ Miles at obrapoints@gmail.com.
        If you move out of class it will be posted but it is your responsibility to know what class to enter.



                             Moving  Out  Of  Class
2500 Novice

Bailey Beal on Mr. Montana Cat "Lucky" (1.10.15)
April Vernon on Tronas Cowboy Player "Comrade" (1.17.15)
Kim Macrae on High Booty "Booty" (4.12.15)
Malisa Lowrey on Smokin Ta First  "Sophie" (4.19.15)
Shonna Hinson on TK JC's Firewater "Daisy" (4.30.15)
Trish McCoin on TJR Pepper Tom Tucker "KC" (5.25.15)
Lee Ann Olheiser on TK Famous Flying Bugs "Bugs" (6.14.15)
Jennifer Storts on YGW Flits Bits "Bits" (6.14.15)
Tanya Ledbetter on TK High On Cash "Delany" (6.27.15)
Karen Mitchell on Driftin Blue Ledoux "Ledoux" (7.4.15)
Zoe Behrens-Marten on THR Sweet Baby Fame "SBF" (7.5.15)
Lee Ann Olheiser on Charlee (7.5.15)
Patsy Hayes on JJ's Harley Olean "Ellie" (6.28.15)
Kim MacRae on Chenilles Chick "Carla" (8.23.15)
Katie Reichert on Bogie is Devine "Mr. Bo Jangles " (8.23.15)

1000 Novice
LeeAnn Olheiser on Bugs (10.11.14)
Jennifer Webb on Cashmere (11.2.14)
Katie Reichert on Mr. Bo Jangles (11.15.14)
Patsy Hayes on Ellie (12.13.14)
Malisa Lowery on Smokin Ta First "Sophie" (1.10.15)
Bethany Efaw on Hesa Hazelight Too "Elliot" (1.10.15
Kym VanBergen on Rubicatt (2.7.15)
Katie Akins on Macs Scootin Biankus "Hannah" (3.1.15)
Trish McCoin on TJR Pepper Tom Tucker "KC" (2.14.15)
Katie Reichert on Cool Bar Quixote "Quixote" (2.22.15)
Karen Mitchell on Driftin Blue "LeDoux" (3.15.15)
Brandy Bailey on SasZee Hillbilly Dash "SasZee" (3.15.15)
Tanya Ledbetter on TK High On Cash "Delany" (4.3.15)
Lori Hoffman on Mya UR A Biankus "Mya" (4.12.15)
Amy Smith on Zan Aspen Timber "Kat" (4.19.15)
Katie Ayres on Aprils Barlee Jettie "Ivy" (5.22.15)
Kimberly Olsen on Diva Biankus "Diva" (6.9.15)
Marty Fox on FX IMA Dandy Hand "Dandy" (7.4.15)
Rachelle Smith on Blazin Rockstar "Dolly" (7.11.15)
Sarah Kabot on TK Frenchmans Hat "Salty" (6.28.15)
Tanya Ledbetter on TK Jetn For Cash "Vendetta" (7.11.15)
Kim MacRae on Chenilles Chick "Carla" (6.27.15)
Chris Elam on Rock N Wish Bones "Bones" (8.20.15)

                   2014-2015 NOMINATIONS 

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